Can you escape?

Exitism is a room escape game in Bristol

This is real

Your group of 2-5 have 60 minutes to exit a locked room using logic, ingenuity and creativity.

This is meets ... minus a big ball full of money and the looming certainty of death.

The prize upon exit? Honour, glory and your potentially record-breaking escape time on our list of successful escapees.

What actually happens?

Somewhere in the centre of Bristol there is a room. Upon booking you will be given directions and instructions for your time slot.

Once inside the door will close and you will have 60 minutes to escape. If successful your time will go on our escapees board. If not then we hope you went to the toilet recently.

Escaping is a matter of logic, skill and ingenuity by finding keys, solving clues, completing puzzles, activating machines and working together as a dysfunctional team.

We're watching you, in a nice way. If you need help we'll offer hints, and if you get claustrophobic or if you shamefully give up then we'll let you out.